My farewell to Pai

The worst part of having too aggressive a travel itinerary is that you always find yourself saying goodbye too soon to people and places you just fell in love with. So this is my farewell to Pai, a tiny little tourist town in Northern Thailand which I saw almost nothing of in my two days here. Had I stayed longer, I could have lived out some amazing life-changing stories not suitable for sharing with posterity. But as it is, I'll just miss the crazy cool people I got to share two days with in this quaint little traveler's Disneyland.

View of Pai's main street at sunset

The view as I walk home

My front porch

What's next on my itinerary? Thanks to some really poor last-minute planning, I get to spend two full days in transit moving from Pai to Beijing. Here are the great times I've got lined up for myself:

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