Trekking the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal

Snow drifting off the peak of Annapurna South during sunrise

My apologies for the extended silence. Access to electricity and internet is a bit unpredictable in Nepal. I recently finished up a trek through the Annapurna mountain range, something I had booked back in December when I found claims online saying the treks here were the most beautiful in the world. Tall claims to make but they weren't proven wrong once I saw the views for myself. They definitely didn't disappoint.

My route went up to Poon Hill to catch a panoramic view of the mountains and then through a rhododendron forest where flowers were in full bloom this time of year. Along the way, I got to meet some of the nicest, warmest people in the world.

The villages themselves were a bit surreal to me. Modern technologies intermingled with antiquated ones in a strange utilitarian hodgepodge. I'd occasionally see simple wooden huts outfitted with solar powered water heaters. Imprints left by Western NGOs and volunteers.

On the way up to Poon Hill

Chickens being transported up the mountain by pony. One of them probably made it to my dinner plate that night.

Views from Poon Hill

Buddhist prayer flags

Me and my female trekking guide, Bunu.

Through the rhododendron forest

Tree and Bunu

Descent back to town

Picture of Anu, Bunu's younger sister and my porter. 

On the last day, I met a group of trekkers from Korea who welcomed me into their little clan as their adopted Korean who can't speak the language. This is me with one lady from the group and two Nepali ladies who kindly put bindis on our foreheads and adorned us in jewelry for a photo op. Red's usually only for married women but they didn't have other colors to give me and insisted this will bring me the luck to find a man in the future.

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