A brief introduction to Nepal

I've crossed the border from India to Nepal by car. After spending so much time in India, I got used to carrying a certain level of wariness about me which is turning out to be overkill when dealing with people from Nepal. I got a great introduction to this fact while talking to a Buddhist monk in the city of Lumbini, Buddha's birthplace.

Monk: Would you like to burn some incense?
He holds out three incense sticks.
Me: No thanks.
Monk: Don't worry, it's free.
Me: Oh, okay.
I take the incense, light them, put them into an ash pot, and make a prayer.
Monk: Would you like some string?
In his hand, he holds a piece of string Buddhist monks will typically tie around a person's wrist as a blessing.
Me: No thanks.
Monk: We're not in India, you can have these things for free.
Me: Really?! Okay.
I stick my wrist out towards him with a happy grin.

More pictures will come. Here's one.

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