Nobody stays in Agra for 6 days...

...except for me, apparently. Agra is not known for much more than the Taj Mahal. A visitor could see all the major sites in 1-2 days. And here I was staying in the city for 6 days straight as a favor to a friend who lives there. I don't know a single tourist who's stayed in Agra this long. When I asked my friend if he knew anyone, he said yes, they were all crazy people.

I didn't mind it so much, though. I recently entered a point in the trip where my energy for site-seeing has waned and I'm slowing down the pace to fit my new temperament. Here are some photos of things other than the Taj Mahal from the interesting places I went to during my second visit in Agra and Delhi. 

To start, here's a shot of a cool looking sky over Delhi. 

At the point my spirits were down and I started questioning why I was even travelling, I saw this sky and remembered how great it feels to get these random glimpses of grandeur. I've learned travelling is just a way to create opportunities for serendipity and my responsibility is to keep my eyes open.

View of "Baby Taj Mahal", built by the grandfather of the guy who made the Taj Mahal

One of the tombs inside the building

And another one

Dome ceiling with decorations. These kinds of domed ceilings are an example of Islamic and Christian influences on Mughal architecture at the time.

View into a pavilion at Agra Fort

White marble turrets at the fort. Part of the fort is built using red sandstone while another later part is built in white marble.

 Hall of Public Audience at Agra Fort

 Inside the mosque at Fatehpur Sikri (one hour West of Agra). It's supposed to be a copy of the mosque in Mecca. This may be the closest I'll ever get in my life to seeing the real Mecca.

Ladies' tombs at Fatehpur Sikri

The Hall of Private Audiences at the Red Fort in Delhi

 Market inside the Red Fort

 Pahar Ganj area in New Delhi where I stayed

 Random picture with an Indian girl in Agra. I was sitting on a bench, resting from a long day of site-seeing when this girl came and stared at me. She wouldn't talk much so I decided to break the ice by taking a picture with her. I think it made her day, she immediately showed off the picture on my camera to her family members.

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