Day 2 in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Old City, Dubrovnik at night

I'm sitting at a restaurant in Dubrovnik mooching it up on the free wifi because my hostel's internet is down. It turns out this place serves all-you-can-eat salad and bread for $4 USD. For Dubrovnik, where vegetarian meals typically cost $15 or more, this is absolutely a STEAL. My stomach hurts from all the servings I've helped myself to. I'm going to sit here for hours. I'm probably going to come back tomorrow as well.

There's a group of French men at a table nearby. They're drinking wine and talking loudly. One of them has twice attempted to toss a smile in my direction and both times I've pretended not to notice. He looks like he's of an age where it would be inappropriate for him to be smiling at me. I'm pissed off.

There was a time when I was intrigued by the mystery associated with meeting new people. But after travelling this long, the romance has worn off. I like to sleep in instead.

Tonight, I'm indulging myself to a concert put on by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra. I don't have the right attire for such an event but prices are too high here for me to buy a new outfit. I foresee the impending awkwardness as the solo female attendee walks into the building in relative rags. In any case, I hope it's a nice symphony. I think some good music is just what my tired old soul needs right now.

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