Just checking in

Roman amphitheatre in Pula

I'm in Croatia right now in a city called Split. In three hours, I'll catch an overnight bus to Trieste, Italy and then head into Slovenia. I can't believe I've spent almost two weeks in Croatia. I had an okay time here with okay weather and pleasant beaches. But there hasn't been much about this place that really stood out as something amazing or special. I'm sure Croatia would be a great place to visit for many travelers but it just wasn't for me. I've concluded the amount of fun I'll have in any given place is inversely correlated to the number of American tourists I'll find there.

Also, this is the first country I've been to where most people will turn away and ignore me when I try to say hi to them on the street. WTF Croatia?! Even people in China don't do that. How is it possible your manners are worse than the Chinese?

Since I didn't have anything good to say, I decided to stay silent and forgo any new posts here. It was a little painful to do since I've come to rely on my maintenance of this blog as a source of comfort. It keeps me sane to write entries.

And what can I say about how I've been spending my time lately? I don't do nearly as much site-seeing as I used to. Many days, I'll stay home and either doodle in my sketchbook or work on draft blog entries I never got around to publishing (none of them are about Croatia). I also met a handful of fucking amazing people I had the pleasure of sharing just a tiny slice of time with. That about sums it up.

So this is just a quick check-in letting people know where I am. I'll be hanging out along the West coast of Slovenia for the next week. If nothing else, I am succeeding at working on my tan (lines).

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