First Day in Argentina

Impressions from my first day in Northern Argentina in the town of Humahuaca:

Having some trouble understanding the local accent. In particular, they like to drop the s sound completely from some (but not all) words.
ie. gracias sounds like gracia.
Pastel is patel.
Up to now, I thought I had covered so much ground picking up Spanish. Now I can't understand anyone (again).

Restaurants will open for dinner around 8pm and stay open until past midnight. This was not so good for us on the first night when we had to resort to scavenging scraps of food at 6pm.

Was so elated to find a street vendor selling a knock off DVD of The Hunger Games 2 for $1. Was thoroughly disappointed when I found it was dubbed in Castellano with no subtitles. I think I will need more Spanish classes before I can watch it.

On the whole, people are insanely friendly here. It's sweet repose from the status quo I've grown accustomed to of being regarded as a walking Chinese money bag. This is my favorite South American country so far for this reason.

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