Three Days Around the Uyuni Salt Flats - Photos by Alex Iliev

So I've been nagging Alex to make a guest post on my blog for the last several weeks. I thought it would be a cute project for us to do together as well as a way for him to show off all the photos otherwise collecting cobwebs on his hard-drive. And after the Homeric passage of time, he finally chose tonight to send over some content for me to post. 

Why tonight? Well, we're in Buenos Aires now sitting out in the open air to beat the 30°C heat (86°F). We're staying at a hostel in probably the shadiest part of the whole city and we thought it best to stay home for the evening rather than walk about in the company of the drug addicts. Seriously, there are drug addicts sleeping in the street right outside this hostel. So Alex didn't have much else to do right now and we all get to enjoy his photos as a result.

For this post, he hand-picked a set of photos taken in Southwestern Bolivia in and around the Uyuni Salt Flats, many of which I got to play model for. All pictures were taken between November 27 and 29.

Happy holidays everyone! Whether you're at home enjoying the company of your loved ones or out on the road contemplating how not to starve when the restaurants close down, I wish you all the best this holiday season.

Visiting the train cemetery
Salt miners shoveling salt into their truck

Sitting in front of a hotel made of salt

Yeah, I like this one
And this one
Walking across the desolate salt desert
Empty, empty salt desert
Flamingos wading through sulfur lakes for food
Flora around the sulfur lakes
Tourists bicycling across the desert. I can understand one's need to create a unique experience even when travelling through terrain well-treaded by others. Still, as my group drove past these guys in our jeep, we all agreed we can't imagine how this experience is worthwhile.
Mountains from the "Dali Desert"
Group photo on the desert

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