Obituary for my cargo pants...Yes, my cargo pants

Taking a rest on a rock, W trail, Patagonia - Jan 2014
I was hiking in Patagonia when my cargo pants sighed their last sigh of life. After 12 years of dedicated service, their demise came when I tore two giant holes across the butt area on a fateful January 2, 2014. On closer inspection, I could see the cloth had been worn so thin the threads had simply shredded away like vapors.

And these were not just any pants. Originally purchased in 2001 my freshman year of college as something easy to wear to rave parties, I quickly found them to be the perfect pair for just about any occasion which risked my getting dirty but required I put in a little more effort into the outfit than, say, wearing pajama pants.

Most recently, these pants became my default trousers on every transit day while travelling as well as for any day spent hiking. You could even say I over-wore these pants based on the fact that they became so recognizable among my friends who commented on how frequently they appeared in my travel photos. But to anyone who feels I cycled through the same clothes too often, I'd just like to respond with the following statement: I have been travelling for a cumulative 9 months now with a suitcase small enough to fit into the carry-on compartment of a typical American airplane. I stand by my choice.

I'd venture to guess people who travel a long time will start to get disproportionately attached to the everyday things they carry with them. I've met a number of people who pick up a trinket, souvenir, or scarf that then transforms into their favorite or lucky little travel accessory. For myself, I have a number of items that would fit this category but none of them more iconic than these pants with their hippie flower design running up one leg. Even strangers could recognize me when I wore them. They will be missed dearly.

Climbing the Great Wall of China - Feb 2013
Overlooking Machu Picchu - Oct 2013
Worn while pretending to drive a tuk-tuk in Peru - Nov 2013

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