Photos from Antarctica

In case you're wondering how many photos an average person might take while touring Antarctica, the answer is several thousands. Even the point-and-shooters who refused to label themselves as photographers were still overwhelmed with piles of images to wade through by the end. So it took a while to compile everything but here's a small sampling of the things I got to see.

We spent two days cruising through the Drake Passage between Argentina and Antarctica. As soon as we got to land, and for the entire trip, we were greeted with all sorts of wildlife - the penguins being the most adorable in my opinion.

Cute overload!!

Whale bones

Nothing can compare to watching in silence as ice formations in abstract-art shapes float by across the glassy calm water.

I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of places we saw on this trip. Sometimes we went hiking at research stations, sometimes we cruised up to glaciers.

My ship, the Ocean Diamond

Our very last stop was Deception Island, a landscape carved out of an active volcano and completely alien from everything else we had seen up to this point.

Fur seals fighting - probably over a girl

Giant vats once used to boil down whale fat

Hiking Deception Island

Ofcourse, the people made the trip worth what it was - both the crew and the other passengers. I probably say this too often in my posts but it's true that the company makes all the difference. And this little bunch was pretty fucking awesome.

With Antarctica in particular, everyone got close in the way people do when, as a single group, they find themselves witness to something so spectacular they can't wrap their heads around it. We saw the most beautiful things but the wind seems to have stolen our voices. And we sought comfort in each other through our collective loss for words.

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