Heading for my next destination in Silicon Valley

Well, you could say it was about time. As much as I loved inventing coyish new ways to avoid people's questions about what I planned to do with my life and my future, it was finally time to make a decision and resuscitate my worklife. I'll turn over a new leaf as a productive member of society this week with a contract role at Motorola Mobility. Yup, I'm going back to Silicon Valley and back into the ol' cubicle. And to my joy, it comes complete with a 2 hour morning commute to the South Bay. And here I had forgotten all about the perks of working in the Bay Area.

I'm actually really excited about the new role. As fun as it's been to live every day of the week like a Saturday, it was also a bit unbalanced. I need to put my hands back to work before my brain permanently atrophies from the lack of exercise.

It's been a while since I've stepped foot into an office for the purpose of working as opposed to mooching the free snacks from the offices my friends work at. So I'm definitely a bit nervous. Two nights ago, I dreamt I was attempting to lead a phone conference while running away from a flock of zombie chickens that came into the office to feed on all the humans. My subconscious is cracking under pressure here.

In any case, this is a contract role so there will be a fixed end-date to look forward to. My assignment is over as soon as Lenovo formalizes its acquisition of Motorola later this year. So this isn't goodbye, it's an update to say I'll be taking a break from this blog for a while. I'm not sure yet what this year will lead to. But hopefully, there are still new travel routes waiting in my future. After all, the number of stops on my list have only grown the more places I've seen.

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