3 days in Istanbul

Here we go again! The trip is off to a start with my sister, Kiyoung, in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. It's my second time here so I had to tap deep into my fading memory as I tried to recall how to get around. Still, it was nice feeling acquainted enough with this city that I could play tourguide to my sister.

You can find photos from my first visit to Istanbul in April 2013 over here.

Sites in Old City, Istanbul

Entering the Hagia Sofia

Damaged Christian mosaics line the walls in this old church turned mosque
Inside the Blue Mosque
The Basilica Cistern
Medusa head inside the Cistern
A window inside the harem of the Topkapi Palace
Inside the Rüstem Pasha Mosque
Suleymaniye (the Magnificent)

Men washing their feet before entering the building at the New Mosque
Ceiling in the New Mosque

Bazaars in Istanbul - Yes, they can be a tourist trap but are still interesting to browse

Spices at the Egyptian Bazaar
Selling lights at the Grand Bazaar

Going around the city

Cats are everywhere. It's a cat lover's dream come true.
Wearing a hijab to get into the mosque - how a newbie puts it on
And how a person who's watched too many youtube hijab tutorials puts it on.
The alleyway outside our hostel in Taksim Square
Homemade ayran served in a traditional copper bowl
Dinner and drinks at the swanky Leb-i Derya

We took a Bosphorus cruise and checked out the Asian side on our last day in Istanbul. Unfortunately, it rained all day so I don't have good pictures to show. But I do recommend seeing it for anyone going there, even if just to get away from the main tourist crowds. Relax at any of the many restaurants and hookah bars on the street called Mühürdar Caddesi to get in some good people watching.

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