Hot air ballooning over Cappadocia

It's true, riding a hot air balloon in Cappadocia is painfully expensive and you spend the whole time in a basket stuffed to the brim with other tourists. But I'd say it's one of those rare activities that turn out to be completely worth the hype. This was so much fun!

With the pilot after the flight

For anyone researching this trip and in need of a rec, we used Air Kapadokya and paid 150USD for a one-hour ride. It was a reasonable price and I was perfectly satisfied with their service. Bigger names like Butterfly Balloons will charge about 50USD more for the same ride. What you get in return is a better reputation for safety.

Other sites from around Cappadocia:

Overlooking the town of Goreme
Selime Monastery

Resting in the sun in Goreme

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