2014 Year in Photos

Is it a sign one has traveled too long if they choose to celebrate New Year's Eve by riding an overnight bus to get to their next destination? Alex and I are ready for our next stop, the historic city of Hampi in South India. And as it was most convenient to leave today, we didn't think much about it overlapping with an international holiday. The convention of a holiday season seems so far away a concept at the moment.

In any case, as a way to reflect on the outgoing year, I thought I'd share a handful of my favorite travel photos. It's been a surprising and winding road which included a voyage to Antarctica, a return to Silicon Valley, and another last-minute trip abroad. I hope everyone else is having a happy and festive new year.

January - February
Patagonia, Antarctica, Buenos Aires

The W Trail in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
A baby Magellanic penguin flapping its wings on Magdelena Island, Chile
Sunset while sailing to Antarctica
My favorite shot from Antarctica, a gentoo penguin in mid-hop out of the water
Gravestone at Recoleta cemetary, Buenos Aires
March - July
A break from the travels, I took a role at Motorola

I have no pictures from this period but here's a drawing which should give you a glimpse of what my world looked like:

July - August
Small trips in my own backyard in the Western US

Smith Rock, Oregon
Perrine Bridge crossing the Snake River, Twin Falls, Idaho
Moss Landing, California

September - October
Turkey and Greece

Suleymaniye (the Magnificent) Mosque in Istanbul
The grand bazaar in Istanbul
Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia
A whirling dervish show in Konya, Turkey
Santorini at sunset
Clifftop monasteries in Meteora, Greece
October - Current
Celebrating Diwali at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Delhi
Finding the real-life Shangri-La in Rewalsar
On the streets of Delhi
Bundi Fort in Rajasthan
Indian shared taxi
Ranakpur Temple
Jodhpur train station
Camels in full gear, Jaisalmer
Thar desert
Thar desert

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