Out and about in Bangkok - complete with another visit from bed bugs

Yup, this is going to be another installment in my ongoing series, Disgusting Bug Bites from Around the World. This time coming out of Bangkok. But first, I had such a beautiful day of sightseeing, I thought I'd share a few photos from the outing.

The flower market of Bangkok
Giant Reclining Buddha statue. Such cute little toes!
The many pagodas of Wat Pho

It was after all the sight-seeing that I sat down to lunch at a nearby restaurant and, during the course of the meal, accumulated all this:

The bed bugs were in my chair! They ate me while I ate lunch. In fact, I saw other guests at the restaurant scratching themselves in misery so I'd venture to guess multiple chairs were infected. And as soon as I got home, I executed a drill I've become all too familiar with. I quarantined the clothes in the bathroom sink, took a shower, and thoroughly inspected my purse to make sure none of the critters came home with me. Sigh.

After talking to countless other travelers about these experiences, everyone seems to generally agree I get unlucky with bed bugs more often than all the rest of them. But I can't really see why. Lately, I've only run into them in public spaces. Today, it was in a restaurant. In India, it was always on the train. I actually feel like the increasingly frequent encounters in a larger variety of places is more indicative of this becoming a worldwide problem than anything else. It's either that or the bed bug community really has a hit out on me.

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